Tuesday, February 23, 2010

13 Reason Why Women Should Take Up Boxing

I'm a lover not a fighter.

But watching my friend Lisa box makes me wonder if she is onto something by taking up the sport this year. Watching her go from already pretty fit to now superwoman level has been stunning to watch.

Let me be clear -- I'm not talking about taking a class on boxing (although that could be good too). I am talking about getting into a real ring and fighting Rocky style with the headgear and bells, the whole bit. The little bit of boxing I have done with a trainer has definitely given me a sense of pure grit that is simply not available on a treadmill. The unnatural but thrilling moment comes as I wrap my hands up in protective gear and then slide on those big bad gloves. Next with every hook, jab, cross -- all I can think of is pure power.

My friend Lisa now carries a certain air with her walk. I have quietly noticed life doesn't intimidate her as much, she knows what to do under pressure, she handles things with agility -- just like she is in a virtual boxing ring. Dare I say this -- she is one bad mamma jamma.

But don't take it from me -- you can hear it from her direct. She is giving a talk about "13 Reasons Why Women Should Take Up Boxing" on Wednesday, March 3 at Ignite Raleigh at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh, NC at 7 p.m. (for more info, visit www.igniteraleigh.com)

I may not be a boxer, but I'm fascinated by the life lesson that my friend Lisa gives. The idea that when you are willing to do something totally out of your comfort zone, it changes everything. Even for the people who watch.